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The word YDDE comes from the Old Norse word for sprouting or shooting forward. The seeds of YDDE were sown already ten years ago, in the mind of entrepreneur Torkel Sørhus. He became acquainted with the sports industry as a tent designer and is now based in Ålesund where the goal is to focus on increased durability and reduced climate impact from ski clothing.


There are two ways to solve the climate impact of clothing. You can first reduce your production load by using textiles that have the least possible impact on the environment.

This is mainly done by using materials, with a low initial climate impact, preferably recycled materials.

In the future, we can also envisage that textiles will be recycled. This is not widely used today, but using recyclable textiles helps to establish a value chain that can make recycling clothing easy and efficient.

The second way is to make people think that the clothes are so unique and special that they want to take care of them. It can be briefly explained as aesthetic sustainability. The things you have in your life that you take care of since you simply like them. The sentimental value is difficult to convert to CO2 equivalents, but it certainly has an effect.

We all must learn to take care of our clothes, both to wash them straight, but also to fix a zipper or repair a tear. Your YDDE ski wear will be something you love so much that you'd rather repair than buy new if something gets worn out.



Kr 5 500,00

Kr 5 500,00

Kr 5 500,00

Kr 5 500,00

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